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Hand- Tied Extensions

The Hair of your Dreams

What are hand- Tied Wefts?

Hand Tied Extensions are trending due to the many benefits they provide. Instantly adding long beautiful locks to your natural hair, Hand- Tied Extensions leave behind zero damage to your hair. This method can be used to add length, volume or both!  


  Essentially, the hair is sewn to the hair above the beads, meaning the finished product is thinner & more flexible when applied to the head. The process is taking several tracks of the perfectly color matched hair,  (based on the clients needs & hair density) and linked into hair using tiny micro links.


  For additional concealment of the tracks we sew 2-3 wefts on top of the the beaded rows and 1-2 wefts under the same track of beaded rows creating a seamless blend and completely concealed beads.


  The wefts are sewn into the beads attached to the clients natural hair, creating a seamless stitch along the sectioned hairline.

Unlike other extension methods, there is no heat, glue or tape involved. This method is strictly a sew method, which helps keep the integrity of your natural hair. All of hand-tied extensions are 100% human hair. Therefore, the hair can be colored, dyed, curled, etc.

Can we color match my hair?

Luckily for us stylists, we are able to color match the Hand Tied wefts quite easily. During your consultation with the stylist, we will discuss the color swatches we have on hand to get closest to your overall goal. The Hand Tied Extensions can be custom colored to match your hair, whether that be color treated or natural. You can help decide which color you want to achieve in the end with the help of the stylist’s knowledge. During your first Hand-Tied installation, the stylist will formulate a color based off of your desires and create a style that fits your hair goals. We have worked with both highlights, low lights, single process colors, etc.

What are the benefits to Hand-Tied hair? What is the Maintenance like?


The benefit of Hand - Tied Extensions is the flexibility the method allows you to have. You are able to seamlessly put your hair up, whether trying out a new hairstyle or heading to the gym. Hand tied hair extensions lay extremely flat and are undetectable in average density hair.



Depending on the growth of your natural hair, you will need to get your extensions moved up every 6-9 weeks or so. However, when you go in for the second time, you will get the rows moved up rather than purchasing new hair each time! The hair is re-usable, taken out and reinstalled 6-9 weeks.

  New hair is purchased every 6-9 months. 

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